As an artist, I work hard to develop photographs that show the beauty that exists in life. I believe that beauty and harmony are the best ways to introduce any theme, especially those that are too strong to show. The looking for harmony is a constant in my artwork. I believe in beauty as the sum of imperfections, this is what makes it perfect.
Being a conceptual photographer, I base my work on philosophical and social aspects with great focus on people and their environments. I share my opinion and urge people to think about the concept. I see photography as a way to transmit sensations more than real details.
The landscape is a recurring theme in my photography, as human being social scene and how it modifies itself.

I experiment with different techniques and processes that I develop personally. I work on analog and digital media, challenging the scope of a technically unique artwork, I  do experimental photography.

The photographic aesthetics are always designed to enhance and enrich the idea in the image.
The most gratifying experience as an artist is when I connect with my audience by sharing a complete project: "The artwork has a meaning when it transcends the arti
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