Andrea Spagnolo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and today lives and work in the nearby Olivos. Bachelor´s Degree in Advertisement, graduated with honors. She used to work as an Account Director, responsible for national and international client support and communication, from different industries.

Andrea has won awards & recognition as an advertiser and as a photographer including the following:
“Clarín” Award: Newspaper Creativity
“MECA” Award: Street Advertising Creativity
“Pléyade” Award: Magazine Creativity
“Cronista Comercial” Award: Institutional Advertising
“Art and Photography Exhibition” in the Raggio Museum, Buenos Aires. Selected by contest.

She has exhibited widely in Argentina, at the Argentinean Embassy in Panama, Colombia, Spain, Miami and New York. 
Artist Statement

"As an artist, I work hard to develop photographs that show the beauty that exists in life. I believe that beauty and harmony are the best ways to introduce any theme, especially those that are too strong to show. Photography involves baring the soul. The artwork has meaning when it transcends the artist...

My photographic aesthetics are always designed to enhance and enrich the idea in the image. I look for content and shape to be complementary. Everything can be changed, defaced or removed by light, which is as versatile as a brush...

My photographs are a mix of styles; I have a strong tendency toward simplicity, minimalism, oneiric images. They are moving, not fully focused, aimed more to express sensations than real detail."

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