The first thing I looked for was my Polaroid Instant Camera, because it allowed me to see the printout at the very moment it was happening. An extraordinary situation, the world was isolated, everyone locked up. I needed to immortalize it on paper.
At this time, the ordinary became extraordinary, an introspective look is necessary to rescue those small moments of beauty.
I work on our shelter, the feelings inside, and the idea of each day seems to be the same day.
I live in Buenos Aires, and we continue in strict quarantine, the city of the world with more days of isolation. -June, 2020.- 
 [our refuge]
  march 22, 2020

[every day is sunday]
april 24, 2020 ​​​​​​​
Plague days. Every day is the same.
Every meeting is impossible, and because it is, there is a new horizon to raise conversations.
Plots that imprison everyday life, a paradoxical revelation that by capturing its light shows its darkness. The inside is inevitably shown, acquire power through the reflection of the window that invents another time more real than the one that reflects.
[and she felt....
[and she felt....

[this will also happen] 


[another sunday]
may 17, 2020
[no more sunday]
July 15, 2020
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